VOICE Magazine: Amber & Smoke to Rock 1st Thursday

A Folk n' Soul duo from Ventura County, Amber & Smoke will once again charm audiences with their unique sound on 1st Thursdays, September 6th from 5 pm to 8 pm on the Marshalls Patio, 900 State Street.

"Amber & Smoke began two years ago when Amber walked into one of my gigs and asked to sing with me," shared musician Bill Rotella, the Smoke of the duo. "When she sat in she grabbed the attention of every patron in the venue. And she grabbed my attention!"

The pair have been playing together ever since, blending vocalist Amber Olive's soulful and captivating voice with Rotella's musical expertise to deliver a unique take on retro "folk n'soul" classics. They are now working on their third album together.

"We are very pleased to be invited to Downtown Santa Barbara 1st Thursday for a variety of reasons," explained Rotella. "Anytime we can share our original music where original art is displayed, it's special."

Check out the full article at https://issuu.com/casamagazine/docs/8.31.18.voice_24_pg?e=6215299/64175261

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